Collaboration Concepts


There are numerous concepts demonstrated by Collaboration exercises.  These concepts can be used to demonstrate classroom concepts and theories as well as help a group better understand its dynamics in order to perform better.  These concepts are discussed in the product guides and include:

  • Team building phases - forming, storming, norming, and performing,

  • Leadership - who assumes leadership and how they get that position,

  • Management styles - authoritarian, democratic, consensus, or other,

  • Communication - is it specific?  What is communicated and how?

  • Team roles - leaders, task performers, passive performers.

  • Group polarization -the group follows a leader even if it is not in their best self interest

  • Group think - the group may override the decision of an individual

  • Cognitive dissonance - individuals may have conflicting "facts"

  • Leadership subordination - people who think of themselves as leaders may relinquish that role in order to achieve the group's objective.

A major benefit of running Collaborations exercises is that groups can experience these concepts first-hand in a short period of time.  Work groups can experience and discuss these concepts without having to go through a difficult and expensive learning process.

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