Pattern Exercise


The goal in a Pattern exercise is for a group to work together to produce a pattern or picture.  You may prescribe the picture to be drawn or give general directions to the group and have them both determine what they will draw as well as create the picture.  Participants use their clickers to indicate what square in a table should contain a specific pattern or color chosen from a palette.  Any player can draw in any square.


 In addition to the team building, this exercise can be used to demonstrate that the output of a group can be better than that of any single individual.  Typically the pattern that individuals have in mind in the beginning is not what the group ends up creating.  The final output is generally better because of the contribution of multiple participants.

This exercise has been used in a variety of settings, ranging from an Italian language class that had to make an Italian flag speaking only in Italian to a typography class which was told to create the phrase "it?" in a serif font.

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