Pong Exercise


The Pong collaboration exercise has two teams competing in the classic game of Pong.  The twist in this exercise is that each team controls a single paddle. The exercise promotes team development and is fun to play.

Players on each team control their Pong paddle by “voting” on which direction it should move.  Each player votes by showing a color, either blue, voting to move down, or red to vote to move up.  A three-fourths vote is required to make a paddle move.  If three fourths of the players show blue, the paddle will move down.  If three fourths of the players show red, the paddle will move up.  If the votes are approximately even, i.e. there are about as many blue votes as red votes, the paddle will stand still.  Players vote by clicking the “1” button on their response card.  Each time it is clicked, the players’ color changes.  The exercise can also be configured to have the participants to use two buttons, one for up and the other for down.

 Seem simple but it's not.  Warning, groups can get very loud during a game of Pong!

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