The Retirement Quant Approach



Using Retirement Quant is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Enter your data, perform what-ifs to find the retirement strategy that is right for you, and print the results.

Enter Data  Before you run simulations, you must enter your financial data.  This is done by clicking on the "Edit Profile" button.  Then click on each of the buttons in the Edit/Create Profile dialog box and enter your data.

Run Analyses  From the main Retirement Quant dialog box, you can view your cash flow, net worth, and perform what-ifs by clicking on the buttons for the various analyses. 

First, look at the results of the analysis of your current financial plan using the various Retirement Quant analysis functions, such as Retirement Income and Retirement Age.  Once you understand your baseline plan, it is easy to modify your retirement strategies.

The analyses allow you to perform quick what-ifs by changing an input and running a simulation.  You can also perform what-ifs by clicking on Retirement Strategies in most windows and re-running a simulation. This is where you may want to apply different decision rules and see the effect.

Print Reports  You can print any analysis individually as well as print a complete summary of your profile and the analyses of your choice.

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