Retirement Income Analysis


One of the most often asked questions is "What level of income can I afford in retirement?"  This analysis helps answer that question.  In this analysis, you will see the effect on the retirement plan of different retirement income levels. 

You can immediately compare different income levels according to their success rates, age of earliest failures, final income levels, total retirement income, and the number of income cuts, freezes, and raises that may occur.  This analysis lets you set the confidence level so you can evaluate the results at whatever risk level you desire.  This analysis also allows you to do up to 15,000 simulations to further increase your confidence in the results.

Unique to this analysis is the ability to set a "Variance Limit."  The variance limit is a percentage which will be used to evaluate the volatility of retirement income.  Retirement Quant will report the number of times real annual income falls this percent below the initial retirement income level.

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