Asset Allocation Analysis


The asset allocation analysis shows the effects of different asset allocations on the retirement plan.  With this analysis, you can quickly try different allocations and compare them to other allocations.  By clicking on "Equity trade-offs" you will see how the planned asset allocation compares to a range of allocations ranging from 90/10 stocks/bonds to 10/90.  Clicking on "Variety of asset allocations" will compare the planned allocation with a number of different allocations.  You can use this analysis to tune the asset allocation to achieve the optimal retirement plan.

The output of the analysis shows not only the success rate of the proposed allocation but also the earliest age at which a simulation failed.  This gives further information on the level of risk.  Retirement Quant allows you to evaluate the strategy in-depth.  You will see the projected final income levels and total retirement income.  Both the median values and the 95% confidence levels are shown to further help you evaluate the risk of the proposed strategy.



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