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There are many possibilities for collaboration and team research using the Maze and Pattern exercises.  The exercises will save exercise statistics, such as the date, number of participants, and the time it took to finish the exercise.  In addition, Collaborations allows you to create questionnaires that can be used to gather data from the participants.  For example, you might ask their birth order or native language.  The data from a questionnaire is saved at the end of an exercise together with the summary statistics.  This allows for regression and econometric analysis to determine how different factors, such as sex, age, and years of education, affect team performance.  Separate statistics are kept for each time you run an exercise.

Data collected can easily be exported to an Excel, comma separated values, or tab separated values file.  That data can then be used with popular regression and econometric packages such as Stata and Gretl.

Even if you do not collect participant data, the elapsed time of the exercise is saved.  Collaborations provides for the easy comparison of different groups by displaying the best time for the exercise, the range of times, and the percentile rank for the group that just performed the exercise.

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